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Let’s Talk About…EDP: How Has COVID-19 Changed EDP?

An hour-long discussion centered on the challenges the pandemic poses for EDP and EDP-adjacent processes and what impact this might have on the future. Topic highlights will include budgets, scheduling, communication, supply chain impacts, and remote work. This is a broad-ranging session and we welcome participation from outside EDP. Attendees are highly encouraged to submit their suggestions for questions and topics at registration.

Moderated by:
Kelly Finefrock (project editor, University of Alabama Press)

With panelists:
Michael Boudreau (electronic publishing technology manager, University of Chicago Press); Melissa Buchanan (assistant EDP manager, University of Georgia Press); Emily Taber (acquisitions editor, MIT Press); and Ye Minlei (acquisitions editor and editorial manager, Chinese University of Hong Kong Press)

Event Details


November 19, 2020 – November 19, 2020


12-1pm ET

nitâhkameyihtenân iyikohk ehispihteyihtakwak 

omasinahikanihkewak misiweskamihk ohci ôma misihatoskewin 

kasîhkimitocik kihcikiskinohamâkosiwin ekwa kiskeyihtamowin

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