Let’s Talk About…Getting Started with Making Accessible Ebooks: Who, What, When, How

Join us for a hangout that will answer your questions about how to get started with making ebooks accessible. Topics will include alt text (is it necessary for all images? who creates it?); tagging; software; e-readers; and recommendations for resources.

Moderated by Emily Champion, Production Editor, Boydell & Brewer; and Christy Beale, Assistant Production Editor, Boydell & Brewer

With panelists Stephen Kuusisto, University Professor and Director of Interdisciplinary Programs and Outreach at the Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University; Anna Pohlod, Editorial Associate and Acquisitions Coordinator, University of Michigan Press; Rob Smith, Principal Product Manager, Accessibility, EBSCO Information Services; and Sara Thaxton, Book Production Coordinator, University of Arizona Press

This session has been organized by the AUPresses Editorial, Design, and Production Committee.

Event Details


April 7, 2022 – April 7, 2022


11am ET

Peb tau nce qib siab rau lub luag haujlwm tseem ceeb hauv zej zog thoob ntiaj teb los ntawm cov tswv luam ntaub ntawv lub zeem muag los mus tsim kho kev kawm ntawv kom zoo thiab saib xyuas kev txawj ntse.

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Hmong