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Navigating the Evolving World of Virtual Exhibits: An AUPresses Conversation

Since in-person academic conferences went to the wayside due to the pandemic, university press marketing and sales teams have had to pivot to the relatively unknown world of virtual conferences. Now that we’re more than six months along, what guidelines and best practices can we offer one another? What’s working and what’s not working when it comes to generating results? What areas are still murky? What are our goals in doing virtual book exhibits? (Book sales? Acquisitions? Flag-waving for the press, which ties into acquisitions?) Is there value in paying an association to have placement in their virtual book exhibit? How can we best collaborate with acquisitions and our authors? These and other topics will be explored in this timely hangout.

Moderated by: Elise Jajuga, Publicity Manager, Michigan State University Press

With panelists: Rachel Doll, Marketing Manager, University Press of Florida; Mary Lynn Howe, Exhibits Manager, Scholars Choice; David Mitchell, Advertising, Awards, and Exhibits Coordinator, Cornell University Press; and Kate Templar, Sales and Exhibits Manager, Stanford University Press

Event Details


October 15, 2020 – October 15, 2020


1-2 PM ET

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