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AAUP Supports Net Neutrality Principles

NEW YORK—University Presses are famously committed to the dissemination of scholarship “far and wide,” in the words of Daniel Coit Gilman. Today, that mission often relies on the Internet and open, neutral public network access to the online content and services of libraries, institutions of higher learning, and publishers small and large. Proposals to allow ISPs to create paid “fast lanes” and other threats to open and equitable online access for all users, content, and services also threaten the underlying mission of the nonprofit members of the Association of American University Presses (AAUP).

AAUP supports the “Net Neutrality Principles” issued by eleven library and higher education groups on July 10, 2014, in the interest of protecting the foundational freedoms of thought and expression on which our culture and society rests.

UPDATE 4/3/17: With the FCC newly expressing interest in rolling back rules for an open internet, the issuing association revised and renewed the Net Neutrality Principles. The 2017 letters to FCC and Congress, in addition to the Principles, can be found here:

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