AUPresses Announces 2020 Stand UP Award

University presses exist within a rich and diverse scholarly community, which we support through our work and, in turn, from which we draw support. In recognition of this mutual relationship with the greater scholarly community, the Association of University Presses wishes to honor someone who has done extraordinary work to further the work of the university press community.

Beginning in 2020, the Association of University Presses will present the Stand UP Award, to honor a person or group, not currently on staff at a member press, who, through their words and actions, has done extraordinary work to support, defend, and celebrate the university press community. They may have stood up for an imperiled press, built grass roots efforts to promote university presses, or rallied others to the cause. Nominees, in some cases, may have worked behind the scenes to save a member of our community. There are many unsung heroes. The Stand UP Award seeks to recognize them.

Stand UP Award Procedures

Any employee of an Association member press can nominate a recipient. To do so, they should send a letter of nomination detailing why the individual is deserving of the award with links to supporting materials (for example, newspaper or magazine articles, blog posts, etc.). Nominations must be seconded by at least one other individual. Nomination letters should be addressed to the AUPresses Board of Directors and emailed to

Nominations are due by February 3, 2020. The Association will present the first Stand UP Award on June 13 in Seattle at the AUPresses 2020 Opening Banquet.

Nominations will be reviewed by the awards subcommittee of the Association’s Board of Directors, the same committee that reviews Constituency Award nominations. This subcommittee will make a recommendation for the approval of the Board of Directors.

During years when no nominations are submitted or when, in the judgment of the award subcommittee, no nominee is deemed worthy of the Award, none will be given.

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