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Eight University Press Professionals Awarded Prestigious Residencies

AAUP Mellon Residency Grants Announced

NEW YORK, NY–The Association of American University Presses (AAUP) is pleased to announce recipients of the 2016 AAUP Residency Grants. The program, currently supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, encourages professional development of scholarly publishing staff through intensive, hands-on residencies at hosting member presses. The AAUP Professional Development Committee evaluates applications and selects the residents to participate.

The 2016 residents are:

  • Joel Coggins, Design and Production Editor, University of Pittsburgh Press, will visit Columbia University Press to observe design and production workflows.
  • Jason Colman, Director of Publishing Services, University of Michigan Press, will visit the Office of Scholarly Publishing Services at the University of North Carolina Press.
  • Liz Hamilton, Intellectual Property Specialist, Northwestern University Press, will spend her residency at the University of Michigan Press learning about Michigan’s library/press rights collaborations.
  • Kathryn Marguy, Publicist, Social Media Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University Press, will observe the innovative book publicity campaigns being planned at the University of Texas Press.
  • Peter Midgely, Senior Editor (Acquisitions), University of Alberta Press, will go to the University Press of Colorado where he will learn more about its collaborative acquisitions model.
  • LaTisha Roberts, Warehouse Manager, Texas Tech University Press, will learn about inventory counts at the University Press of Florida.
  • Dan Ruccia, Marketing Designer and Advertising Coordinator, Duke University Press will visit the University of Chicago Press to get insight about marketing design.
  • Samantha Zaboski, Rights and Permissions Manager, University Press of Florida, will observe the subsidiary rights program at Harvard University Press.

AAUP Mellon Residents spend up to five days immersed with skill-specific experts and innovators at the host presses. Residents and hosts represent the wide spectrum of geography, size, and structure found in the AAUP membership. The program, formerly funded by the Mrs. Giles F. Whiting Foundation, has sponsored residencies for 115 member staff since its inception in 1997. A 2015 grantee said of the program, “I would describe it as one of the most valuable professional development experiences of my career to date.”

Find more information about AAUP Residencies on the program page.

The Association of American University Presses (AAUP) promotes the work and influence of university presses, provides cooperative marketing opportunities, and helps its 142 member presses fulfill their commitments to scholarship and the dissemination of knowledge. Its members are active across many disciplines and are innovators in the world of electronic publishing.

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