Janet Fisher Receives 2000 Constituency Award

Denver, Colorado—The AAUP Constituency Award was bestowed once again at this year’s Annual Meeting in Denver, honoring MIT’s Associate Director of Journals Publishing, Janet Fisher. The annual award recognizes active leadership and service to the association and the university press community.

Fisher has served on multiple AAUP committees as well as three years on the AAUP Board. She has written frequently for the Exchange and various library newsletters, and has been a warm host for the Whiting Week-in-Residence program. As part of the larger scholarly publishing community, she has helped lead workshops on both journals and electronic publishing, and also served a term as president of the Society for Scholarly Publishing.

At MIT, Fisher has been a true innovator, developing and launching new programs like CogNet and early electronic-only journals. Colleagues say of Fisher that “during a period of constant and dynamic change in scholarly journals publishing, she has consistently taken a lead in trying to understand and help others realize the impact of electronic technologies on the dissemination of scholarship, the myriad changes those technologies have wrought on concepts of copyright and intellectual property, and the resulting shifting roles of publishers, authors, and librarians.”

Read more about the history of the Constituency Award and see its complete Honor Roll.

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