Re-Envisioning Humanities Infrastructure

By Charles Watkinson and Melissa Pitts

Published in Inside Higher Ed in February 2021.

Envisioning humanities infrastructure as a complex fabric and recognizing the university press community’s essential contributions to it will be crucial as higher education institutions and funders plan for pandemic-related economic impacts. University presses unquestionably play a significant role in the production of monographs, journals and digital projects, as well as in the curation of the scholarly record, particularly in the humanities. Powered by high-quality peer review, they function as a network of innovative laboratories for scholars; their combined impact is particularly clear in the growth of disciplines and the progress of interdisciplinary scholarship. They also increasingly incubate sophisticated inter-institutional collaborations, purpose-building platforms and practices responsive to the changing needs of scholars and knowledge itself.

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Charles Watkinson directs the University of Michigan Press. Melissa Pitts directs the University of British Columbia Press.

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