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Vendor Digital Shorts for AUPresses 2023 Virtual Annual Meeting

Help the Association of University Presses reimagine vendor participation in a virtual meeting!

The pivot to online necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic showed us all the advantages of a virtual meeting—more equitable access, more diverse participation, and even a broader array of speakers! It also highlighted the format’s limitations—especially for exhibitors. Since AUPresses has made a long-term commitment to alternating between in-person and virtual annual meetings, we want to partner with the vendors who support our members to find better means of engagement in virtual years.

In 2023, we invite you to pilot Vendor Digital Shorts with us!

What we envision is a short (one- to three-minute) pre-recorded presentation from colleagues in our vendor community highlighting a recent development of interest to university presses. The resulting Digital Short will be broadcast at the beginning of individual sessions during our two-week Virtual Annual Meeting in June, 2023.

Vendor Digital Shorts FAQs

What’s a Good Potential Topic for a Digital Short? White papers, case studies, user interviews all serve as excellent potential topics. If your organization gathers data that tracks important trends in scholarly publishing, a Digital Short would be a great way to share the results. The important thing to keep in mind is your Digital Short should not include a “hard sell” – the main goal here is to communicate news or information to attendees demonstrating your expertise and elevating your profile within the community.

I’m a Little Worried About “Production Values”—I Don’t Have the Skills/Resources to Create a Slick Video. We understand! This is part of the reason we chose the “short” format—for a one- to three-minute presentation even a PowerPoint with narration will hold attendees’ interest. Of course, we encourage you to flex your creative muscles wherever possible!

What’s the Cost? The cost for a single broadcast of your Digital Short will be $750 ($595 for AUPresses Partners). We anticipate offering discounts for multiple insertions, but need to gauge overall response before we know how many slots we have available.

How Many People Will I Reach? Our last Virtual Annual Meeting (in 2021) had 1,100 registrants.

How Do I Apply? The deadline to submit a proposal for a Digital Short has passed. The Annual Meeting Program Committee will review proposals and respond to all submissions by March 10. Your final Digital Short must be submitted to the AUPresses Central Office by April 30. If you missed the deadline and are interested in the program, please contact Alexis Fagan.

Any Final Words of Advice? Just two: (1) please understand we intend to be strict about the time limit; and, (2) be sure to tell attendees how to reach you for more information at the end of your Digital Short.

If you have further questions—and, remember, this is an experiment for all of us!—again, please don’t hesitate to contact Alexis Fagan.

A variety of sponsorship opportunities are also available for AUPresses 2023. Read more about support levels and special opportunities

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