AUPresses Hangout: Enhanced Digital Editions: Workflows and Strategies

Hosted by the EDP Committee

This hangout will discuss inclusive project workflows and strategies for creating enhanced digital editions.

An enhanced digital edition of a scholarly book is an edition that has been adapted or optimized for digital platforms, offering additional features and functionalities beyond the print version. These enhancements are designed to leverage the capabilities of digital technology to provide readers with a richer and more interactive experience.

Regardless of press size, staff can implement digital enhancements earlier in the process and using low-cost, off-the-shelf, and institutionally funded resources. This hangout will feature acquisitions and EDP staff from two small presses discussing their experiences developing enhanced editions, including designing workflows, setting realistic expectations with authors, and creating roadmaps for digital enhancements, among other topics.

Please come prepared to share questions as well as your own experiences!

Moderator: Emily Zoss, Managing Editor for Research Publications, National Gallery of Art

Speakers: Katie Lee, Acquisitions Editor, Gallaudet University Press; Deirdre Mullervy, Managing Editor, Gallaudet University Press; Mark Minelli, Journals and Digital Projects Manager, University of Cincinnati Press; Elizabeth Scarpelli, University Press & Publishing Services Director, University of Cincinnati Press; and Pamela Wissman, Editorial, Design, and Production Manager, University of Cincinnati Press

Event Details


April 4, 2024 – April 4, 2024


12:00 p.m. EDT

אנחנו מקדמים את התפקיד החיוני של קהילת המוציאים לאור העולמית, שהשליחות שלה היא לוודא מצויינות אקדמית וטיפוח ידע

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