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AUPresses Joins ACLS in Support of Academic Freedom

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The Association of University Presses has signed on to the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Statement in Support of Academic Freedom and New College of Florida. We join ACLS in deploring recent government interventions in Florida and other states that seek to exert political control over higher education and the intellectual freedom of students, faculty, and citizens. We agree these attacks “threaten public understanding of our nation’s history and culture, and they undermine key principles of academic freedom.”

As scholarly publishers we believe in the free exchange of ideas. We champion the freedom to think, research, teach, publish, and read as pillars of an open and just society. We remain vigilant in defending academic freedom as well as promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the scholarly ecosystem as these ideals are fundamental to the work we do and the very expansion of human knowledge.

Read the full ACLS statement.

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