Committee List

The work of AUPresses Committees and Task Forces, staffed by volunteer members, is essential to the Association. Browse Committees of the BoardCommittees of the Association, and Task Forces below to learn more about the charges, roster, and projects of each.

Committees of the Board

Admissions & Standards Committee
Lisa Bayer, Georgia, Chair

Audit Committee
Mike Bieker, Arkansas, Chair

Nominating Committee
Darrin Pratt, Colorado, Chair


Committees of the Association

Acquisitions Editorial Committee
W. Clark Whitehorn, New Mexico, Chair

Annual Meeting Program Committee—Detroit 2019
Mary Francis, Michigan, Chair

Annual Meeting Program Committee-Seattle 2020
Laurie Matheson, Illinois, Chair

Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Committee
Karen Copp, Iowa, Chair

Business Systems Committee
Brent Oberlin, MIT, Chair

Digital Publishing Committee
Lynn Fisher, Toronto, Chair

Editorial, Design & Production Committee
Jillian Downey, Michigan, Co-Chair
Kristin Harpster, Wayne State, Co-Chair

Faculty Outreach Committee
Angela Gibson, MLA, Chair

Intellectual Property & Copyright Committee
Puja Telikicherla, Georgetown, Chair

Investment Committee
Donna Shear, Nebraska, Chair

Journals Committee
Katie Kaefer, AHA, Chair

Library Relations Committee
Beth Fuget, Washington, Co-Chair
Katherine Purple, Purdue, Co-Chair

Marketing Committee
Erin Rolfs, McGill-Queen's, Chair

Professional Development Committee
Alison Shay, North Carolina, Chair


Task Forces

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force
Gita Manaktala, MIT; Larin McLaughlin, Washington, Chairs

Task Force on Gender, Equity, and Cultures of Respect
Christie Henry, Princeton, Chair

Task Force on Operating Statistics
Susan Doerr, Minnesota, Chair

Research Task Force
Elizabeth Windsor, Project MUSE, Chair

University Press Week Task Force
Colleen Lanick, Harvard, Chair